Alyssa at Her Last Cheer Competition

This photo is with friend Grace Leggio. Friends forever. More »

Eyes that would light up a room

Our girl was the light of our life. More »

Her Smile

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Alyssa And Gabbie

Born on the same day, two years apart! They share a bond that two sisters can appreciate More »

Alyssa and her Dad

Alyssa enjoying time on the deck with dad in the summer. thank you Kohler Awning. More »


Alyssa and Make A Wish

We applied to the Make-a-Wish Foundation a while ago and were denied. After hemming and hawing I replied to them. I didn’t beg for the wish to granted but explained maybe the Doctor didn’t fully understand what their rule was when they were asked to state her condition.

Now Alyssa wish is granted but getting her there is going to be the hardest part.  She cant fly so we have to drive and I don’t think are vehicle will make it. I hope they have a plan for us but time will tell.

Alyssa wish? That is an easy answer. She always wanted us to move south so she can cheer with the Cheer Extreme Allstars and be on stage with them at the CHEERLEADING WORLDS CHAMPIONSHIP.

This will be fun!

alyssa eating for the first time